Christmas = extra pressure on our feet

How many of you are busy getting decorations, presents, and Christmas goodies crossed off your shopping list? How many of you are standing on your feet all day to get that end-of-year report finished or rushing to that Christmas party to dance the night away? What about walking (or running, depending on how much of a procrastinator you are) through the malls and Walmarts, strategically dodging other shoppers to get to that toy your three year old absolutely must have from Santa?

How many of you are doing all of the above?

We know – Christmas time, although always a lot of fun, is tough. It’s not only a hit on your wallet and patience, but it’s a hit on your feet.

Here are a few tips to get your feet through the holiday season:

Decorating the house

Sometimes decorating can turn dangerous. Falling from ladders or stools while putting up festive decorations can lead to ankle or foot sprains, fractures, or even breaks. Stay out of a cast this season – ensure your foot placement is steady and have someone help you.
Also, wear slippers or shoes as you decorate to prevent accidental cuts on your feet from loose ornaments, lights, or pine needles.

Standing/Walking on your feet all day:

Proper arch and heel support is imperative to keeping your feet free from pain. Flat feet, pronated feet (feet that roll in), or ankle pain are just some examples of how your feet might not be supported properly. No feet support + standing all day = a Christmas scrooge. Orthotics (insoles) are a great way to get the reinforcement you need. They are custom made to fit only you and will control any abnormal foot function and/or accommodate painful areas of the foot. They can be easily removed and placed into most shoes so you can remain comfortable and keep a normal range of motion. This will prevent pain and you can shop ‘til you drop! Call Toronto Foot Clinic today for an appointment to get your orthotics!

Dry skin and wet feet:

Skin can get very dry during the cold winter season but your feet can also become damp sweating in layers of socks and shoes. Take care of the dry skin by using a high quality lotion or moisturizer at night. Toronto Foot Clinic sells Amerigel Care Lotion (safe for diabetics!) that works wonders on dry, cracked heels.

Ensure feet are kept at a regular temperature – wet feet are the perfect environment for fungal nail infections, warts, and athlete’s foot. If possible, take an extra pair of socks to change during the day or remember to remove your shoes and socks periodically to allow your feet to air out.

Party Nails and Feet:

The best ways for cutting your nails is straight across, leaving about 1mm of nail. Be careful and take time when doing any cutting or trimming, you don’t want to deal with an ingrown toenail during the holidays! Comfortable shoes are also important for keeping your nails and feet pain-free. Get shoes that fit correctly – it’s not fun to dance the night away in tight, uncomfortable shoes.