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Feet and the Cold City

Happy New Year! There’s no doubt about it – this week in the GTA was COLD! We warmed up for a while as we cheered on Team Canada in the men’s world junior championship game (GO CANADA GO!), however, the rest of the week saw the majority of us back outside braving the -20 degree Read More

Christmas = extra pressure on our feet

How many of you are busy getting decorations, presents, and Christmas goodies crossed off your shopping list? How many of you are standing on your feet all day to get that end-of-year report finished or rushing to that Christmas party to dance the night away? What about walking (or running, depending on how much of Read More

What is Podiatry and Why is it Important to You?

Podiatry is the area of health that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions related to the feet and lower legs. Also known as Chiropodists, Podiatrists provide assessment and treatment for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to: Problems that arise from the position of your feet and/or lower legs, Read More